Conferences – Workshops – Events


Conferences, workshops, meetings and events will be held at the Acoustic Guitar Village inside Cremona Musica International Exhibitions and Festival, Cremona Fair on September 23rd-24th-25th, 2022.


Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th, Sunday 25th September 2022,
room 1 of the Cremona Fair offices:

Masterclass of lutherie for acoustic, arch-top, battente guitar  
Teachers: Masters Claudio & Claudia Pagelli – John Monteleone – Rosalba De Bonis
Translations and assistence by Max Monterosso e Mirko Borghino

– Intensive masterclass for classical mandolin
Teacher: Master Carlo Aonzo

info and registration: – tel. +39 0187 626993 – +39 0372 598011 – program and registration forms at the dedicated page

Event dedicated to the mandolin, the little-great string instrument.

Artistic Direction by M. Carlo Aonzo with the collaboration and the historical advice of M. liutaio Lorenzo Frignani.
Coordinated by Alessio Ambrosi e Ass. Cult. Armadillo APS

  • Conference – meetings inside the Events Area of the AGV and the Ponchielli Hall
  • Desk for disclosure of mandolin activities
  • Presentation and performances of orchestras and plucked ensembles on the Open Stage outside the pavilion and on the Classic Stage (Ponchielli Hall)

    The conferences, workshops and live exhibitions are free to participate with an entrance ticket to Cremona Musica.


Meetings, performances, seminars, presentations starring the Charango, the small 10-string Latin American instrument. Coordination by Monique Mizrahi with the presence and activities of Vicente Atal, Fabián Durán, Achille Zoni. Desk with exhibition of tools and presentation of the activities of the organization
Sunday 25 September on the external Live Stage, from 11 to 13 “Concerto Dialogato” in which the public will be able to listen to the charango live, with interactions and arrangements made specifically to show the kaleidoscopic sonic possibilities of this small and powerful instrument.

HISTORICAL EXHIBITIONS (inside the Exhibition Area Acoustic Guitar Village)

Historical exhibition “The Mariano De Simone Banjo Collection” by the master luthiers Leonardo Petrucci and Martina Gozzini

Mostra “Music is our life” ethnical instruments exhibition by the collectors M° Bruno Brunetti, M° Flaminio Valseriati.
On display are necked ethnic string instruments, both plucked and bowed


FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 23, from 4pm to 5pm
“The Art of the Mandolin” meeting the contemporary luthiers; moderator Lorenzo Frignani. At the table the mandolin exhibitors present in the Luthiers’ Row

SATURDAY 24 SEPTEMBER, from 11 to 11.45
Taking a cue from the meaning of the word “ukulele”, that is “the leaping flea”, Davide Donelli presents an overview of the instrument from Hawaiian origins to today, telling curiosities and anecdotes with his usual radio style and playing, flanked by Giovanni Albini, the songs most representative of the history of the instrument.
SATURDAY 24 SEPTEMBER, from 2.30pm to 3pm
Presentation of the book “IL MANDOLINO BLUES”From Mississippi to the Mediterranean, roots, contaminations and modern styles – Ed. – Foreword by Mike Marshall, Carlo Aonzo, Rich Del Grosso. With the participation of the authors Stefano Tavernese and Lino Muoio, the publisher Reno Brandoni and the artists Carlo Aonzo and Mike Marshall
SATURDAY 24 SEPTEMBER, from 3.15pm to 4pm
“Origins of music and history of world popular musical instruments. Illustration of about a dozen singular ethnic instruments” by the collector Flaminio Valseriati
SATURDAY 24 SEPTEMBER, from 4.15pm to 5pm
Workshop on the new HyVibe digital system mounted on LAG instruments presented by Francesco Toccaceli (Product Marketing Specialist Algam-Eko, LAG Guitars)
A real on-board technological revolution that brings the use of the acoustic guitar to a new level of sound, use and experimentation. After presenting the structural characteristics of the instrument (woods and construction features) and of the system (piezo, actuators, processor), we will proceed to the demonstration of all the functions: Effects, Looper, Bluetooth, HyVibe App. Francesco will be supported by the use of a Power Point presentation to be projected behind him.
SATURDAY 24 SEPTEMBER, from 5pm to 6pm
“The rediscovery of the true Paganini of the Mandolin, Pietro Vimercati”, speakers Alex Timmerman, Ugo Orlandi, Carlo Aonzo. Introduction by Lorenzo Frignani

SUNDAY 25 SEPTEMBER, from 11 to 11.45
“The 25 years of MEI and the Charter of Services in favor of Independent and Emerging Artists” coordinates Giordano Sangiorgi with interventions by leading figures from the independent and emerging music sector.
SUNDAY 25 SEPTEMBER, from 12 to 12.45
“Faithful copy of historical mandolins: how close can we get to the original instruments?” In a path that winds through music, history and science, the results obtained in the copy of a sample of baroque mandolin by luthier Joseph Filano will be illustrated. Speakers Martino Quintavalla and Federico Gabrielli
SUNDAY 25 SEPTEMBER, from 2pm to 2.45pm
Presentation “Acoustic Guitar and Fingerstyle”, didactic, methodistic series, styles from fusion to classical by the Masters Luciano Cologgi and Salvatore Ercolano – Sinfonica Edizioni Musicali

CONFERENCES-WORKSHOPS-PRESENTATIONS (inside the Classic Stage, internal room “Ponchielli”)

FRIDAY 23 SEPTEMBER, from 3pm to 6pm
Seminar “Treatises and Methods of the 1800s”, by Maestro Francesco Taranto (teacher of guitar of the 1800s at the Gaetano Braga Conservatory in Teramo), with the presence of the study classes of the Conservatory

SATURDAY 24 SEPTEMBER, from 3pm to 6pm
5th Conference The Guitar in Italy between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries historical contextualization of the Italian instrument in European development

SUNDAY 25 SEPTEMBER, from 11 to 12
Conference / concert on the figure of Raffaele Calace and the plectrum and plucked instruments of the time, by Roberto Guarnieri on guitar and Eugenio Palumbo on mandolin
SUNDAY 25 SEPTEMBER, from 3pm to 4pm
Round table “The teaching of the mandolin: where are we?” curated by Lorenzo Frignani and Carlo Aonzo. Speakers Ugo Orlandi, Alex Timmerman and various teachers to be defined

SPECIAL PERFORMANCES (on the AGV external stages)

SATURDAY 24 SEPTEMBER, from 2.30pm to 3pm (Live Stage)
Demo Reference Cable with Roberto Dalla Vecchia. A pit stop with Angelo Tordini, founder of Reference Cable, on the role of the cable for the acoustic set. 30 minutes to share with musicians and fans on how to protect your sound.

SUNDAY 25 SEPTEMBER, from 1pm to 1.30pm (Live Stage)
Demo Reference Cable with Luca Zanetti (accordion) & Stefano Santangelo (mandolin). A pit stop with Angelo Tordini, founder of Reference Cable, on the role of the cable for the acoustic set. 30 minutes to share with musicians and fans on how to protect your sound.
SUNDAY 25 SEPTEMBER, from 2.30pm to 3pm (Live Stage)
The artist Steve Saluto, within the review “Corde & Voci d’Autore” uses and demonstrates the cables for the Reference Cable acoustic set, with the presence of Angelo Tordini, founder of the company


PRESENTATION OF THE FILM ABOUT JOHN MONTELEONE at the Auditorium G. Arvedi – Museo del Violino – the event is open to all exhibitors and operators present at Cremona Musica
Friday 23 September at 7.30 pm special evening by invitation for operators of Cremona Musica at the Auditorium of the Violin Museum: celebration of the American luthier John Monteleone, with the European premiere of the film made about his life, “The Chisels are Calling”, by director Trevor Laurence with the collaboration by Woody Mann, Street Singer Productions, and with interventions in the film by Mark Knopfler, Ben Harper, David Grisman, Mike Marshall. The great luthier, of clear Italian origins and very tied to the tradition of Cremonese violin making, will be awarded the Cremona Musica Award in the evening for his artistic and unique work in the construction of archtop guitars and mandolins. A brief but significant musical intervention by two great mandolin artists, Carlo Aonzo and Mike Marshall  will follow and conclude the event.
In the evening there will also be a memory of the late great guitarist Woody Mann in the presence of his wife Valerie Lettieri Mann




Concerts in the Federico II courtyard, on the side of the Palazzo Comunale in front of Piazza Duomo, Saturday 24th from 9 pm to 12 pm

Performances by:
LUCA ZANETTI & PAOLA TORSI in “Remembering Wolmer Beltrami” – UKULOLLO & PAUL MOORE (Uk) – MICKI PIPERNO – CHARANGO SESSION with Monique Mizrahi, Vicente Atal, Fabián Durán, Achille Zoni – CARLO AONZO & MIKE MARSHALL (US) – ANDREA TARQUINI


Performances by young bands and soloists, Sunday 25th from 2pm to 8pm in the courtyard of Palazzo Affaitati, Civic Museum – State Library
coordinated by Massimo Ottini e Roberto Lana